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Sustainability corner


I think it would be really useful to have a part of your website dedicated to sustainability and other environmental issues. Skiers are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint and it would be really interesting to get a better understanding of what initiatives are going on in Davos Klosters. For example it is very easy to learn that in St Moritz Badrutt's Palace Hotel has switched to geothermal power, there is a biogas plant fuelled by dairy waste and the Piz Nair gondola is powered by solar panels. Equally in Flims/Laax they have their Greenstyle vision. I am sure that Davos Klosters is also doing good things but it is really hard to find out (eg the Davos goal of becoming energy self sufficient by 2036). Increasingly this what people care about and want to know more about. If Davos and Klosters were to publish a green strategy then even better.


Davos Klosters sagt

We have been officially running our business as a climate-neutral company since the end of October 2019. As part of the myclimate certification process, we're supporting a mangrove reforestation project in Myanmar. Fore more information please visit our website:

25. Februar 2020 um 20:08

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